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Amazing Exits Podcast

Dec 2, 2020

Steven Pope is the Founder of My Amazon Guy, a 28-person Amazon Seller Central Agency based in Atlanta, Georgia. At My Amazon Guy, Steven and his team use PPC, SEO, design, and catalog management strategies to growth hack ecommerce and marketplace platforms. 

Outside of his career as a marketing and Amazon selling aficionado, Steven is an Eagle Scout, expert chess player, and debate scholar.

In this episode…

Are you a successful Amazon entrepreneur? Or, have you ever considered becoming an Amazon seller to generate passive income? If this sounds like you, Steven Pope has some expert advice: hire an agency, quickly.

Many entrepreneurs think Amazon selling is an easy avenue for generating extra income. However, becoming an Amazon seller is no easy task—it often takes blood, sweat, and tears to run a successful Amazon business. That’s why Steven Pope runs an Amazon seller agency: to help Amazon entrepreneurs lessen their workloads, maximize their profits, and skyrocket their sellability. Ready to start?

In this episode of the Amazing Exits podcast, Kellianne Fedio and Paul Miller sit down with Steven Pope, Founder of My Amazon Guy, to discuss the secrets to scaling and selling your Amazon business with the help of an agency. Listen in as Steven reveals his top strategies for growing a successful Amazon business, developing and launching new products, and reverse engineering to maximize profits. Stay tuned!