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Amazing Exits Podcast

May 19, 2021

Eytan Wiener is the Chief Executive Officer at GETIDA, a software company whose cloud-based auditing technology provides cutting-edge reimbursement recovery solutions for Amazon sellers. GETIDA’s passion is to improve the operations of third party FBA sellers so that sellers focus primarily on inventory investment and company growth.

Eytan’s specialties include Amazon management, e-commerce, online marketplace, and business development. As a true Jack-of-all-trades, Eytan holds many other impressive positions, such as the COO and Co-founder of Quantum Networks, a Partner at TradePort, a Founding Board Member of the Prosper Show, and many others.

In this episode…

Are you looking for strategies, experts, or tools that can help you create a more valuable Amazon business? What if there was a way to create a more profitable and sellable business through auditing and reimbursement software? 

Let’s face it: all entrepreneurs want to boost the value of their business — and the size of their profits — before their big exit. Unfortunately, sometimes adding real, lasting value into your business can be tricky. So, how can you tell which methods and services will help you achieve your exit goals, and which ones won’t serve you in the long run? Thankfully, long-time e-commerce entrepreneur Eytan Wiener is here to reveal how his company, GETIDA, helps Amazon sellers add value to their businesses using state-of-the-art auditing software. Want to learn more?

In this episode of Amazing Exits, Paul Miller sits down with Eytan Wiener, the Chief Executive Officer at GETIDA, to talk about boosting your business’ profits and worth before exiting. Listen in as Eytan talks about his storied career as an early Amazon seller, becoming a results-driven leader for many esteemed companies and conferences, and why GETIDA is the best-kept secret to Amazon success that your business needs today. Stay tuned!