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Amazing Exits Podcast

Sep 17, 2021

Sam Horbye is the Co-founder of Olsam, Europe’s next-generation consumer goods company. He began as a Team Lead Manager for Amazon, building their business marketplace before branching off to create his own brand, Beechmore Books, and is now acquiring and scaling Amazon FBA brands. Sam graduated from Durham University with a Bachelor of Arts in Politics and Internal Relations.

In this episode…

What are the steps to build your brand across a global marketplace — and when do you know to exit? How do you show a buyer the value of your brand?

Fortunately, Sam Horbye has first-hand experience in the Amazon marketplace. He knows how to scale a successful business from day one — but it is not easy. Growing, scaling, and selling a business takes work, but Sam has specific strategies to measure and scale global brands by identifying the value and measurability for maximum exits.

In this episode of Amazing Exits, Paul Miller is joined by Sam Horbye, Co-founder of Olsam, to discuss purchasing and scaling in the Amazon marketplace. Together they discuss why timing is crucial when exiting a business, seller discretionary earnings — and what that means when exiting your brand — and product listing optimization across a global market. Stay tuned!