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Amazing Exits Podcast

Oct 14, 2020

Chad Maghielse is an investor, consultant, and entrepreneur at Maghielse LLC. Chad has a long entrepreneurial history, starting a pet supplies company with only $3,000 on a credit card—all in pursuit of lifestyle freedom. But, after scaling his business to the point of a million-dollar exit, his entrepreneurial journey transformed. 

Now, Chad is an expert in the ecommerce community due to his experience in building, scaling, and selling 7-figure ecommerce businesses.

In this episode…

Are you trying to figure out where to start in the exit planning process? Are you looking for expert advice to guide you through it all? Then Look no further!

Before his days as a successful investor, consultant, and entrepreneur, Chad Maghielse worked in real estate. Chad felt limited in a variety of ways: he would spend all day answering phones, he didn’t have the liberty to travel, and his creative capabilities were stunted. In other words, Chad felt like the “freedom lifestyle” he wanted simply wasn’t achievable. But, this all changed when Chad took the jump into entrepreneurship and successfully executed his exit plan—and he hasn’t looked back since.

In this episode of Amazing Exits, Kellianne Fedio and Paul Miller sit down with Chad Maghielse to discuss the details of Chad’s amazing 7-figure exit. Listen in to hear how Chad started his business with $3,000, how he constructed an A-team of experts while exit planning, and the need for good timing when selling your business. Stay tuned.