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Amazing Exits Podcast

Sep 8, 2020

Kellianne Fedio is an Amazon Expert who helps ecommerce brand owners craft a valuable business and focus their exit plan to turn a large profit and achieve financial independence. After selling her own multi-million dollar ecommerce brand for 7 figures, Kellianne developed a passion for helping brand owners maximize profits, optimize operations, and develop a successful exit strategy. Before working as an entrepreneur, Kellianne worked as a Civil Litigation Attorney and Professor of Business Law.

Paul Miller is the Founder and CEO of CozyPhones, an over-the-ear headphone that is comfortable, stylish, and convenient for children and adults. CozyPhones is a multi-channel direct-to-consumer brand that is constantly #1 in its Amazon category. Before working as an entrepreneur, Paul served in the United States Marine Corps, worked as a media producer and director, and owned and operated multiple stores for CiCi’s Pizza.

In this episode…

What makes your business sellable? How and when should you start exit planning? Does exit planning matter at all?

There are so many questions involved in entrepreneurship—especially when we talk about exit planning. There seem to be thousands of options, strategies, and resources for exit planning, but few resources are honest, practical, and thorough enough to truly help your business. If you, like most entrepreneurs, don’t know how, when, or why to start exit planning, now might be the time to get started.

Kellianne Fedio and Paul Miller are experienced Amazon entrepreneurs. In this episode of the Amazing Exits podcast, Kellianne and Paul are here to walk through the crazy exit planning process with you by sharing the successes, mistakes, and tricks they’ve experienced from their own exits. Listen to this episode of Amazing Exits as Kellianne and Paul introduce key ideas, strategies, and resources so you can achieve your own amazing exit! Stay tuned.